How to Grow Green Snake Beans?

Answer Snake beans are more commonly known as Chinese long beans or yard-long beans. They are a pole bean that has vines that can grow up to 12-feet tall and produce beans that are 12- to 18-inches long, ... Read More »

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How to grow green beans?

Green beans are heat-loving plants, so don't plant them until the soil has warmed up in the spring. They may sprout in cooler weather, but the plants will look yellow and stunted until it warms up.... Read More »

How to Grow Green Pole Beans?

Pole beans grow on vines and produce beans throughout the growing season. Pole beans take up less space than bush beans, and they come in many varieties. Common pole bean varieties include Blue Lak... Read More »

How to Grow Snap Green Beans?

Snap beans are a staple in most home gardens because they are easy to grow in almost any soil and produce high yields. There are two main types: bush beans and pole beans. Pole beans climb like vin... Read More »

Will cayenne pepper mixed with water hurt planted green beans have a rabbit problem was hoping hot stuff will deter them from eating the tops of green beans?

Answer Identify the pest first. If its rabbits,yes the mixed pepper will work. Also try human hair and blood meal.