How to Grow Green Peppers?

Answer Green peppers.Growing green peppers can be an ideal option for any would-be gardener. With a little hard work and care, you can nurture pepper plants into producing vibrant and hearty green vegetab... Read More »

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How many green peppers are on a plant?

There is no set number of green peppers to a plant. Pepper yield depends on the variety of pepper, where the plants are grown, weather conditions and soil quality. Some varieties of bell pepper pla... Read More »

How to Mature Green Hot Chili Peppers?

Knowing when to pick your peppers and when to let them remain on the plant is important in developing the most flavorful and nutritious pepper possible. Peppers are typically ready for harvest betw... Read More »

What recipe do you have for green peppers and tomatoes?

If you got other ingredients to substitute this, you can do it. the important thing is to lessen the number of peppers and tomatoes in your fridge. hehe. It's called the vegetarian stuffed peppersA... Read More »

How to Prepare Green Bell Peppers?

If you want to make a green bell pepper (a.k.a capsicums) salad or cook up a hot bell pepper pizza, you need to know how to prepare green bell peppers. In this article, you will learn how to wash, ... Read More »