How to Grow Dense Trees & Shrubs Without Weeds?

Answer Trees and shrubs provide structure to the garden as well as all year-round interest. Trees are vital to the garden to encourage wildlife, provide shade and often provide fruit. Shrubs provide the a... Read More »

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Why will shrubs grow before trees?

Because they're lower growing and because they have shallower roots are the reasons why shrubs tend to grow and reach their mature height before trees. Shrubs that mature to a height of around 30 f... Read More »

Plants or Shrubs That Grow Well Under Pine Trees?

When choosing plantings for areas under pines you should consider not only lack of light, but soil quality as well. Dropped pine needles acidify soil, so choose plants that can tolerate partial sha... Read More »

How far apart and how far from fence should I plant red tip photnia shrubs if I want them dense?

Photinia is a wide hedge, usually 5 to 6 feet wide if grown for privacy. So I would plant them a minimum of 3 feet away from the fence. Sure, you can plant them closer, but they will be sparse in t... Read More »

Dense Growth of Small Trees or Bushes?

Trees and shrubs with dense foliage, branches or forms serve a number of purposes in the landscape. When planted on the south or west side of a home, trees provide shade in the summer and in the wi... Read More »