How to Grow Dahlias?

Answer Dahlias are beautiful perennial plants that are easy to grow. There are 32 different species in all, and they come in a wide variety of colors. Most people grow dahlias from tubers (bulbs). You may... Read More »

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How to Grow Dahlias in Pots?

Dahlias are bright, beautiful flowers that come in a wide variety of colors. Due to their height, however, many beginning gardeners may feel skeptical about planting them in pots. Dahlias can thriv... Read More »

Can you grow dahlias indoors?

Native to central Mexico, dahlias provide one of the widest selections of flower colors, sizes and forms. Choose dwarf varieties like Tout a toi or Claudette for growing indoors, instead of one of ... Read More »

How to Grow Dahlias Indoors?

Dahlias are popular perennial landscaping plants because of their beautiful foliage, bushing nature, and their showy blooms. Originally native to Mexico, Central America and Columbia, dahlias grow ... Read More »

Do dahlias grow from bulbs or corms?

The term "bulb" can refer to tubers, corms, rhizomes, tuberous roots or true bulbs. Dahlias grow from tuberous roots. Buds, or eyes, at the top of the tuberous root produce the plant. The tuberous ... Read More »