How to Grow Coconut Palm Trees Indoors?

Answer Coconut palms (Cocos nucifera) grow in tropical regions all over the world and are one of the most important agricultural crops in the world. Unfortunately, they can be difficult to grow indoors be... Read More »

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Can coconut palm trees grow in arizona?

A coconut palm tree cannot grow in Arizona because it requires a constant tropical climate to thrive. In the United States, the only states where coconut palm trees grow outdoors are Hawaii, Puerto... Read More »

Where did the coconut palm trees originate?

Botanists believe the coconut palm originated near the Indian Ocean, though its true history remains unknown. The coconut grows in tropical regions, and its distribution is widespread. India and th... Read More »

How do I grow trees indoors?

ChoicesChoose a tree such as a citrus variety that grows well indoors. Plant them in 15- to 20-gallon pot to allow for at least 10 feet of growth. Plant in pots that have bottom drainage holes. Pla... Read More »

How do I grow avocado trees indoors?

StartingPierce the bottom of an avocado seed with a toothpick three or four times. Fill a vase or jar halfway with water. Suspend the seed over the water so that the bottom half of the seed is subm... Read More »