How to Grow Closer to Each Other?

Answer Do you want to build more emotional and physical closeness/intimacy between you and your boyfriend or girlfriend? Here are some suggestions and ideas.

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Do plants grow faster closer or farther away from the sun?

Plants need sunlight to perform photosynthesis, a process that converts light into glucose. Inadequate sunlight will stunt plant growth. In general, plants growing closer to the sun grow faster, al... Read More »

Can wearing a hat at night make my ears grow closer to my head?

Squish anything enough and it will eventually flatten out! Why not try to love your ears as they are? 16 is a bit young to start changing (or worrying about) your apearance. This is probably hard t... Read More »

How do you get closer to your mom?

Spend time with her. Try and get together more often to go to lunch, talk and better know each other.You can drop her presents, like flowers or a card showing her how much you care. There are many... Read More »

How to Be Closer to Jehovah God?

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