How to Grow Cedars Near Black Walnuts?

Answer The Black Walnut tree species, known botanically as Juglans nigra, is one of several trees that release a chemical compound into the soil via their roots, called juglone. Juglone triggers can trigg... Read More »

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How to Grow & Harvest Black Walnuts?

Black walnut trees grow slowly, producing walnuts only after 10 years. The trees are also popular for their timber. You can grow your own black walnut tree with a ripe nut. When you harvest black w... Read More »

Can raspberries grow near black walnuts?

Black walnut trees are toxic to many kinds of plants due to the juglone that is present in the tree. Blackberries and blueberries do not do well, but black raspberries are among the plants that thr... Read More »

How to Cut Black Walnuts?

The black walnut tree also is known as the American walnut and produces golf ball-sized nuts that are encased in thick hulls. The hulls are a light green color when they first develop but darken to... Read More »

Where do black walnuts come from?

Black walnut trees are native to North America, according to the University of Minnesota Extension Service, and the trees grow from the Dakotas south to Texas and Florida (and most states in betwee... Read More »