How to Grow Brandywine Tomatoes?

Answer The Brandywine tomato is a large, pink variety that is considered an heirloom tomato. Brandywines have the distinctive characteristic of bushy foliage that resembles that of a potato plant. Because... Read More »

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Anyone familiar with Brandywine Heirloom Tomatoes?

they are some of the best tasting tomatoes !!... you chose well!!.... add calcium to your soil before you plant and be sure to water regularly!!!... to avoid blossom end rot!!!... egg shells or ca... Read More »

Can I grow tomatoes from store-bought tomatoes?

Seeds from a store-bought tomato must be fermented before planting. This process takes approximately three days, and then the seeds must be dried for at least a week. For the best-tasting homegrown... Read More »

Other than tomatoes what can you grow with the hydroponic method can you grow hydroponic flowers also?

You can grow heaps of plants, i grow plants using hydroponics and i grow tomatoes, strawberries,chillis. Yes you can grow flowers using hydroponics, you can plant them when they are seeds or seedli... Read More »

Can you grow tomatoes in a pot?

Tomatoes grow well in pots and many tomato varieties are developed specifically for container gardening. Container tomatoes are sometimes called 'patio tomatoes' and feature thicker stems than gard... Read More »