How to Grow Bougainvilleas and Color Leaves from Slips?

Answer Color leaves, also known as Crotons, and bougainvilleas are relatively easy to grow from slips. Watching a plant grow from birth, is therapeutic and rewarding, knowing that you were responsible for... Read More »

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How to Grow & Plant Sweet Potato Slips?

Sweet potato plants are grown from slips instead of seeds. A slip is a shoot that sprouts from a sweet potato tuber. A sweet potato sprouts slips when it is placed in water and, if the slips are cu... Read More »

Can plants grow from leaves?

Some plants can be grown from leaves (leaf cuttings) including: Begonia and Saintpaulina.Most propagation is however done from either seeds (sexual propagation) or cuttings (asexual propagation).

Does a spruce grow leaves from bare wood?

Spruce leaves are evergreen needles that do not grow from bare wood, but instead each needle grows out individually on a woody stem. The needles are short, under 2 inches long, and form an alternat... Read More »

My parsly only grows flowers but i want leaves what are some things i can do to make it grow leaves?