How to Grow Basil from Seed?

Answer Basil has many varieties. It is easy to grow, and transforms ordinary meals into culinary treasures! Fresh basil not only tastes better than dried, it actually tastes different, almost as if it wer... Read More »

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How do i plant basil from a seed?

Select a LocationSelect a planting location with full sun and moist soil. Amend soil with rotted manure or compost. Plant seeds outdoors in late March to avoid the spring frost. If starting the pla... Read More »

How long for basil and rosemary to be harvested from seed?

Basil is an annual, and you can start harvesting 60-90 days after you seed (they're slow to start). They live only one season usually, and you have to sow more each year.Rosemary is a woody shrub.... Read More »

Amaryllis have seed pods...when and how do i harvest them how hard are they to grow from seed?

It seems easy enough... but the seeds need to be planted soon after the capsule matures and opens. If you delay, the seeds may die. As the flower fades, the pod at the base of the flower will swel... Read More »

Which pH can basil grow at?