How to Grow Bamboo in Zone 3?

Answer Bamboo evokes imagery of warm, exotic locales and tropical landscapes, yet many species of bamboo originate from very cold climates in eastern Siberia and high altitude valleys of the Himalaya and ... Read More »

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How much can bamboo grow in a day?

Bamboo is a large grass plant that is native to tropical regions but adapts well to almost any climate zone. Fast-growing bamboo grows up to 2 inches a day when planted in good growing conditions. ... Read More »

Does bamboo grow after you cut them?

Bamboo is very prolific. Have a look here -…

How do I get the best bamboo to grow?

There are a few simple techniques you can employ to get the best bamboo to grow. First, you have to know which bamboo is the best for you. There are two common classifications of bamboo. The first ... Read More »

How to Grow Bamboo in the Desert?

Bamboo is a type of perennial grass that grows all over the world. With more than 1,500 species, there is a variety of bamboo for nearly every climate except the subarctic and arctic. Growing bambo... Read More »