How to Grow Apple Trees in Florida?

Answer Florida is more known for round oranges than oblong red fruit. Yet, the occasional apple tree flourishes in the warm sun of Florida; most traditional varieties such as Red or Golden Delicious do no... Read More »

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Will Gala apple trees grow in Florida?

Growing Gala apples in Florida is not recommended. Gala apples require periods of low temperatures during their growth cycle and Florida's winter season does not get cold enough to provide these te... Read More »

Apple Trees in Florida?

When you think of Florida, an apple is not the round fruit foremost on your mind. Yet, Florida yields several apple species, which flourish under the hot Florida sun. These apple trees require abou... Read More »

How do I grow dwarf apple trees?

SelectingSelect a dwarf apple tree. Those grown from a locally preform best. Follow the spacing guidelines available from the garden center where you purchased your tree or from your local Universi... Read More »

How fast do apple trees grow?

Apple trees grow at different rates depending on soil, sun, water and type. The Red Delicious apple tree grows 25 inches or more each year, while the Red Jonathan apple tree grows about 13 to 24 in... Read More »