How to Grow African Violets Indoors?

Answer African Violets, also known as Saintpaulia, are great plants for indoor growing because of their beauty and easy care. Originating from Tanzania and Kenya, these flowering perennials will thrive ou... Read More »

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How to Grow African Violets?

How to get your African violets to bloom. Basic growing techniques to grow a healthy, blooming African violet plant.

How do you grow African violets to show them?

If you think you would like to grow and show African violets go to this web site to get started, please view the related link below.

What temperature should you grow African violets?

African violets thrive inside with temperatures between 68 and 85 but can survive hotter temps if there is a fan blowing or air conditioning, please note: they cannot survive direct sun they will b... Read More »

Why do some African violets grow so large?

These are the African violet classifications; There are: standard which include large growers 8-16 inches diameter, miniature not over 6 inches in diameter, semi miniatures not over 8 inches in dia... Read More »