How to Grow 3 Inches of Hair Fast?

Answer Hair growth occurs by two methods: physical hair emergence from the scalp and length retention at the ends of the hair. For the human race, genetic maximums for monthly hair emergence, or growth fr... Read More »

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My hair is now 3 inches long, how long will it take me to grow it to 5 inches?

In average, hair grows about 1 centimeter a month, 2 inches is 5 cm, so yeah, here you go. Approximately 5 more months, but it all depends on your own organism.

How to grow 2 inches of hair each week ?

lol i wish ! there are ways you can help speed up the growth of hair though . eating foods with lots of protein like eggs, steak, peanuts , etc . also , massaging your scalp stimulates your hair fo... Read More »

How Can I Make My Hair Grow 5 Inches Longer?

The most important thing to keep in mind when you decide to grow out your hair is that it takes time. There is no miracle pill, no quick solution to make your locks reach a longer length overnight.... Read More »

Could your hair grow 2 inches in a week?

Cleveland 09/05/12I would like to believe - No,.?! that would be one sixth of one foot,.!Two weeks,.may not be realized,.There be some hair types and, breeds that cangrow hair in marked time,.Maybe... Read More »