How to Grout a Tile Floor?

Answer After tile is installed, the next step is grouting the gaps between tiles. This task is less time-consuming and labor intensive than installing tile; however, you will still be working on your knee... Read More »

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How do I grout a tile floor?

Mix and Apply the GroutMix dry grout with cold water to achieve a smooth, pasty consistency which will stay put on the float. Scoop grout onto a groat float, and press the lump of grout onto the ti... Read More »

How do you re-grout tile floor?

It is somewhat painstaking. There is a grout removal tool available at most big box hardware stores. It is basically a handsaw that uses hardened aggregate applied to the blade instead of teeth. ... Read More »

Should you seal floor tile grout?

On One Hand: Sealing Grout is BeneficialApplying a sealer to the grout of floor tiles protects against spills or dirt accumulation that stain the grout. It also helps the grout retain its color bec... Read More »

How to Fix Damaged Grout on a Tile Floor?

Tile floors are popular due to their low cost and high variety of designs. Grout permanently attaches the tiles to the floor. After the tiles are in place, the gaps between the titles must be fille... Read More »