How to Grout Tiles and Stones?

Answer Do not begin grouting for at least 15 hours after fixing. There are many types of grout, so ask your seller for the correct grout.

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How do I re-grout tiles?

Remove GroutPress a grout removal tool into the joint between two tiles. Push and pull the tool back and forth while applying downward pressure; the tool's carbide blade will begin to "eat through"... Read More »

Do you need spacers to add grout in between tiles?

Depends on the tile. the standard glazed 4" x 4" tiles have spacer nubs molded in. No spacer needed. The larger 9" x or 12" x don't have those nubs so you need to use spacers to get an even job and... Read More »

How do I grout kitchen tiles?

Mix the GroutFill a bucket with enough grout to seal a 2- to 3-foot square area. Mix in the necessary amount of water following the directions on the grout, and stir it together.Prepare the TilesPr... Read More »

Can I put grout between vinyl tiles?

According to A1 Designer Flooring, grouting a vinyl floor can be time-consuming, but worth the effort. You want your grout to have a creamy texture to it so that it is easy to spread. Fill all the ... Read More »