How to Ground an Outside Antenna?

Answer All outside receiving antennas, such as those used for TV, must be grounded according to the National Electrical Code (NEC) Article 810 Section 21. Grounding an outdoor antenna not only protects th... Read More »

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How do I ground an outdoor TV antenna?

Grounding BlockThe antenna cable should have a grounding block wired to the coaxel cable at the point where it enters the building. The grounding block is then wired to a ground rod, which is drive... Read More »

How to Ground a Dipole Antenna?

The process of grounding an antenna is connecting wire to the antenna and radio to help redirect any lightening strikes or static electricity away from the equipment and house. The higher the anten... Read More »

Ground Pole TV Antenna Installation?

There are several ways to mount a television antenna, including using a ground pole and putting the antenna on top of it. A ground pole will need to be placed into the ground in a location that wil... Read More »

Is it easy to obtain a TV signal with a digital antenna or a analog antenna Digital antenna is hard to turn.?

Digital requires a bit more signal, and most transitional digital transmitters are transmitting a lower power. Chances are, if you get a good analog picture, you will likely get the digital one.Rea... Read More »