How to Groom and Tack a Horse?

Answer Grooming and tacking are important parts of horse care. This article will tell you in an easy, simple way how to do it. :-)

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How to Measure a Horse When Buying Horse Tack?

To make sure that your horse's tack fits properly, you should measure your horse to determine the proper size for a saddle (western or English), bridle and bit before buying tack or using another h... Read More »

How do you tack up a horse?

When it comes to riding a horse, be it for pleasure or competition, there are several aspects to consider. Knowing how to ride is the final step, but before you even get on the horse you need to pr... Read More »

What tack do you need to own a horse?

Basic tack includes a halter and lead rope so you can lead your horse around or tie him up. For riding you will need a bridle, either one with a bit or a hackamore, and a saddle. All tack should fi... Read More »

How to Tack up a Horse?

Tacked up and ready to goTack is the equipment used to get a horse ready for riding unless you are riding bareback. For English riding, it usually consists of a saddle blanket, saddle, bridle, girt... Read More »