How to Groom a Difficult Dog?

Answer Some dogs just don't like baths. They start cowering at the mere mention of the word, and no matter what you do, they resist. To make the process easier on you and your dog, keep it comfortable and... Read More »

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How to Groom a Cat?

Cats are well equipped to groom themselves, with their tongue, teeth, claws and paws all able to do an excellent wash and brush up. In fact, the cat's tongue is especially designed to brush through... Read More »

How to Groom a Dog?

Well-groomed Afghan HoundRegular grooming is very important. It keeps your dog clean, healthy and manageable, as well as preventing yeast infections caused by matted hair, periodontal disease cause... Read More »

How to Groom a Horse?

Grooming is important for horses, not only because it cleans their coats, but because it also brings out its natural oils, making them look shiny and healthy. Grooming also provides a good opportun... Read More »

How to Groom a Yorkie Pup?

Before grooming your Yorkie, make sure you have gathered and prepared your materials in one space. Clear an area that is comfortable for both you and your pup, as you'll be at this for a while.