How to Grip a Pencil?

Answer Tension, numbness, carpal tunnel syndrome and inflammation can all result from gripping a pencil incorrectly. Holding your pencil correctly will help ease the tension in your fingers, hands and wri... Read More »

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Pencil Grip Games?

Fine motor skills are needed for many different activities and tasks throughout the day, such as typing shoes, zipping a jacket, putting a puzzle together or writing your name. Writing is one of th... Read More »

How to Write With a Pencil Grip?

The skill of holding a pencil and using it to form letters and numbers often challenges young children. Because little hands may lack the dexterity necessary to control a pencil effectively, you ca... Read More »

How to Teach a Correct Pencil Grip?

Developing a child's fine motor skills are essential to building up muscles in the hands and are necessary for things like tying shoes and buttoning shirts. Holding a pencil correctly is more than ... Read More »

My child doesn't hold or grip the pencil properly ,how can i teach him ,he is only three yrs old?

His chubby little hands just won't work like ours do with those skinny little pencils.Try getting some of those fat stubby crayons or a 'kindergarten' sized pencil and see if that helps. Or take hi... Read More »