How to Grip a Football Better?

Answer A foot ball is an important aspect to the game football. There is only one ball in football being played with. It is up to you if you want to successfully catch the football. You want to throw a go... Read More »

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How to Grip a Fingerboard With Skateboard Grip?

Want to grip a home made deck and don't have grip-tape? Here's how you can use skate grip as fingerboard grip.

How to Grip a Pencil?

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How to Grip a Change Up?

Are you a pitcher in baseball? Although you may know the fastball and a few other pitches, this pitch doesn't take much force and much thoughts to throw. You must know, however, how to hold the bas... Read More »

How to Use Self Grip Rollers?

Whether you want to create volume, bounce, curls or straight hair, self-grip rollers, also known as Velcro rollers, can help you achieve this. The rollers come in small, medium, large and extra lar... Read More »