How to Grill That Perfect Burger?

Answer Ever wondered how to grill that perfect burger? Here's how

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How to Grill a Burger With an Infrared Gas Grill?

Infrared gas grills are currently the pinnacle of cooking technology and have moved from commercial applications into the residential grill island. With 1400 degrees instantly grilling your burgers... Read More »

What's the difference between a weak burger and a burger that has strength?

The amount of garlic one uses would make them strong. Mine are strong, sometimes TOO strong and they lift the bun right off the top!...

How to Make a Burger on a Foreman Grill?

There are a lot of ways and few incorrect ways (short of undercooking the meat) to make a burger. There are even a half a dozen articles here on wikiHow that will tell you how. What sets this artic... Read More »

How to Stack the Perfect Burger?

The key of a perfect burger is to have every ingredient in an exact place. Why does this matter? If you take a bite of it, you taste everything at different times and in the middle of each it blend... Read More »