How to Grieve and Move On?

Answer Have you ever lost a loved one or had a bad break-up?Well these are some helpful tips for this step by step process on how to grieve and move on from a difficult loss or problem.

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Do women grieve when they file for a divorce?

On One Hand: It Can Be Short-livedGrieving is defined by a process of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Women who have a good support system may find leaving a marriage liberati... Read More »

How does a mother grieve for a child that is still alive?

How do you grieve for a child who is not dead, that you are supposed to pretend is dead or better yet, pretend the child was never born? You don't grieve properly that is a certainty. For me, the f... Read More »

Do finches grieve for their lost mates?

Finches are very social and tend to bond strongly with their mates. A grieving finch may display depression-like symptoms for 5 to 7 days after the death of a mate; during this period, the animal w... Read More »

My parents let me move out 4 months ago well i want to move out of state with my fiance because he has a job offer..but im afraid they would get mad can i still move?

The statment below is incorrect. The whole basis of this website is that you can ask any question."I think that you should keep your personal problems to yourself.Because a lot of people have diffe... Read More »