How to Greet Your Dogs when Coming Home Properly?

Answer Everyone enjoys coming home to an enthusiastic greeting from their dog(s). The downside is, with this excitement often comes jumping, barking, excited urination and nipping. I'll review the things ... Read More »

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How to Properly Greet Someone?

Whether at school, with friends, or in business, greeting people is an everyday occurrence and is an important skill to master. Here are some easy steps on how to greet the people that you meet in ... Read More »

Does the stepmother have any control over decisions made in the home such as the 17-year-old child not coming home and rebelling?

AnswerAs a wife or live in partner you should have some input over the things that happen in your home. You and your spouse need to have a serious talk about decisions that are made in the home. Yo... Read More »

What can I use to keep my neighbor's dogs from coming into my Yard?

Animal/Pet repellant applied around the boundaries of your yard should work well. I've used similar stuff that I bought at Lowes to keep stray cats out of my yard.

How to Properly Color Your Hair at Home?

You can save money and still get professional looking results when you color your hair at home. While you should leave highlights or other drastic changes to the professionals, you can do a single ... Read More »