How to Grease a Universal Joint in a Jeep?

Answer The drive shafts in your Jeep depend on regular maintenance and greasing of the U-joints for long-term dependability. The universal joints contain needle bearings that, without proper lubrication, ... Read More »

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How to Install Universal Joint Grease Fittings?

The universal joint in most vehicles connects the driveline to the rear axle and is a critical part of your drivetrain. When the universal joint--or U-joint--goes out, it can rattle; if not fixed, ... Read More »

How to Remove the Lower Drive to the Grease Inboard Universal Joint?

In inboard/outboard powered boats the power from the motor mounted inside the boat gets transferred to the lower drive unit (often called the outdrive) via a two-piece drive shaft coupled together ... Read More »

How to Replace a Universal Joint on a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Most problems with Jeep Grand Cherokees are only noticeable when driving down the road. Squeals, squeaks and popping noises can indicate a potential problem. Universal joints make such noises when ... Read More »

What Is CV Joint Grease?

Constant Velocity joint-grease lubricates a vehicle's CV joints. The grease withstands high temperature and pressure better than other automotive grease. CV joint grease is sold at automotive parts... Read More »