How to Grass Feed a Horse?

Answer It may sound as simple as leading a horse to pasture but grass feeding a horse comes with issues to which every horse owner must pay good attention to avoid a malnourished or sickened horse. This a... Read More »

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How much is horse feed?

Horses are animals that require large amounts of food due to their size and work load. Horse feed costs vary considerably depending on the quality of feed and location of the feed supplier.Daily Ro... Read More »

How to Feed a Horse?

"Dr Green" is still the best feed stuff for horses.Feeding a horse can be confusing. There are a large number of different feeds available and no two horses are alike. The amount and type of feed g... Read More »

How to Feed a Horse a Mint?

Horses are extremely cute but can be extremely dangerous as well. Horses love mints as a treat; it is a weakness. If a horse tries to bite you, he will instantly forget his objective when he hears ... Read More »

The Best Way to Feed Flax to a Horse?

Many horse owners find that feeding flax seed to their animals improves their coats and their overall health. Flax seed can be mixed with a number of different minerals and supplements, including s... Read More »