How to Graph on a Plotter?

Answer Also known as a "coordinate plane," a plotter is the most basic graphing system, defined by a vertical "y-axis" and a horizontal "x-axis." Whether you do so using a list of coordinates or an equati... Read More »

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How to Graph Linear Equations With Graph Calculators?

Being able to graph linear equations on a graphing calculator is an important skill to have because it can save a lot of time. Graphing by hand is imprecise and difficult and calculators can perfor... Read More »

What is a pen plotter?

A pen plotter is a device used to create engineering drawings and other graphics. Some models use a wheel of colored pens for color drawings. It draws directly from vector graphic files.References:... Read More »

What is a plotter used for?

Plotters are commonly used for blueprints, project management diagrams, flowcharts and posters. Plotters are often vector-based, meaning that they generate lines based on mathematical instructions ... Read More »

What is a plotter?

A plotter is a computer-controlled device that uses moving pens, rather than a printing process, to create an image. Although plotters aren't as popular now as they once were, they are still widely... Read More »