How to Graph an Inequality on a Number Line Using a TI-83?

Answer A number line is a rudimentary mathematical tool that illustrates numbers' ordinal relationships. Number lines also graph single-variable linear inequalities as directional lines or rays. The TI-83... Read More »

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How do I Use a Number Line When Writing an Inequality?

An inequality is a mathematical statement that some variable is less than, or greater than, some constant. For example, x < 6 is an inequality. A number line is a line with the integers (whole numb... Read More »

How to Put an Absolute Value Equation or Inequality on a Number Line?

Absolute value equations and inequalities add a twist to algebraic solutions, allowing the solution to be either the positive or negative value of a number. Graphing absolute value equations and in... Read More »

How to Graph an Inequality?

Inequalities refer to equations that use lesser-than or greater-than signs instead of equal signs. For example, y>3x+6 is a linear inequality. An inequality can be plotted on a number line or graph... Read More »

How to Graph Y>11 on a Number Line?

Mapping an inequality on a number line aids in its understanding. A number line is a simple math tool that consists of a single horizontal line, partitioned into equal sections by small vertical li... Read More »