How to Graph a Number Line With a Graphing Calculator?

Answer Plotting number lines on graphing calculators is one way to start teaching young students how to use graphing calculators. However, many online and desktop calculators can only generate number line... Read More »

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Why won't my TI-83 graphing calculator graph?

Press [Y=]. If Plot1, Plot2, or Plot3 is highlighted, simply deselect them.Alternatively, press [2nd][Y=](Stat Plot) and choose 4:PlotsOff. Press [Enter] until "Done" appears.

How to Graph Equations on a Graphing Calculator?

Many high school and college classes require graphing calculators to help you understand principles of graphing. A graphing calculator is a hand-held calculator that can solve equations and graph s... Read More »

How to Use a Graphing Calculator to Graph an Inverse?

The inverse of a function is that function's curve reflected over the line y = x, the 45 degree line in the xy-plane. If you have a function that is algebraically invertible, meaning you can solve... Read More »

How to Graph Ellipses on a Graphing Calculator?

Graphing calculators display the graphs of functions in the x and y coordinate plane. Plotting curves on a graphing calculator helps you estimate the points of intersection and roots. It also hel... Read More »