How to Graph a Function With an Exponent of X?

Answer Graphing a function shows students the general trends of that function. Repeated practice allows students to visually recognize categories of functions based on those general trends. While students... Read More »

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How to Graph a Rational Function?

A rational function is an equation that takes the form y = N(x)/D(x) where N and D are polynomials. Attempting to sketch an accurate graph of one by hand can be a comprehensive review of many of th... Read More »

How to Graph a Constant Function?

If your teacher ever asks you to graph a constant function, you're in luck -- because no graph is easier to draw than this one. By definition, a constant function is one whose outputs do not change... Read More »

How to Use the TI-83 to Graph Logarithmic Function?

Logarithms are one of the more difficult types of functions to graph by hand, making a graphing calculator an appealing option. However, many logarithmic functions are also tricky to graph on the T... Read More »

How to Graph a Logarithmic Function on a Calculator?

Scientists use logarithmic functions to model processes in which the rate of growth slows down after an initial burst of fast growth. The most general form of a logarithmic equation is Y = A + B*lo... Read More »