How to Graph a Direct Nonlinear Relationship?

Answer In Algebra II and Precalculus, you have to graph all sorts of relationships, including nonlinear ones. Direct relationships are relationships in which y is directly proportional to some permutation... Read More »

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How to Recognize an Exponential Relationship in a Graph?

Sequences of numerical growth can take a variety of forms. Growth can be arithmetic, where a number increases by a set amount at every interval of growth. For example, where y increases by two for ... Read More »

How to Graph a System of Linear Inequalities of Direct Variation?

Direct variation occurs when y is greater than, less than, greater than or equal to, or less than or equal to a constant of proportionality times x. Both members of a system of linear inequalities,... Read More »

How to Graph Linear Equations & Functions With Direct Variation?

If two variables, "x" and "y," are related in a way in which the ratio of their values is identical, they are said to possess direct variation. (See Reference 1) These variables increase or decreas... Read More »

How to Determine Nonlinear Equations in Math?

An equation contains an equal sign with terms on both the left and right side and can be either linear or nonlinear. A linear equation is a straight line on a graph, while a nonlinear equation is n... Read More »