How to Graph Statistical Data With a Normal Curve?

Answer Many advanced statistical methods require the assumption that the data are normal --- that is, the data follow a "normal distribution," which is also known as a Gaussian distribution. It is impossi... Read More »

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Tools for Statistical Data Interpretation?

Statistical analysis is a staple not only in science and engineering, but in areas such as the social sciences, medicine and economics. Typical users work in academia, business or government.There ... Read More »

What Types of Data Are Used for Statistical Analysis?

Statistical analysis is used for two main purposes. First, researchers can use statistical analysis to generate hypotheses about the population from which the data was sampled. Second, researchers ... Read More »

How to Graph a Standard Curve?

Standard curves are used in biology to determine the concentration of unknown substances, such as DNA or proteins. A biological procedure known as an assay is done with known concentrations of the ... Read More »

How to Graph the Curve Shift of an Equation?

In your Algebra classes, you will often have to graph curves and curve shifts. Curve shifts can move an algebraic equation either up, down, to the right or to the left. The key, when graphing curve... Read More »