How to Graph Square Roots on Number Lines?

Answer Graphing square roots on a simple number line might seem like the hardest thing in the world. Yet it is actually quite simple. There are two methods of doing this. The first method would be with a ... Read More »

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How to Graph Number Lines?

One of the first concepts you'll learn in an algebra or pre-algebra class is to graph simple inequalities with one variable on a number line. The process is relatively simple, involving a simple in... Read More »

How to Add Square Roots Together?

You can perform all the usual mathematical operations on square roots, including addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. But because the radical sign over the square root represents a m... Read More »

How to Divide Square Roots?

Dividing square roots is similar to simplifying a fraction to lowest terms... but with a twist: we never leave a radical in the denominator of a fraction.

How to Factor Out Square Roots?

The square root of a number is another value that, multiplied by itself, gives the first number. The square root of a number is shown by putting the radical symbol "√" in front of that number, an... Read More »