How to Graph Pre-Algebra Functions?

Answer A strong understanding of functions is critically important to comprehend mathematics in general. In pre-algebra, which is normally taught during the middle school years, students are introduced to... Read More »

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How to Graph in Pre-algebra?

A coordinate plane used to graph a line has a horizontal x-axis and a vertical y-axis. Each point on the plane has two coordinates called an ordered pair with an x- and y-value written as (x, y). T... Read More »

How to Graph for Algebra 2?

Algebra I introduces graphing and covers straight lines and parabolas. Algebra II introduces more-complex aspects of the graphing process, such as asymptotes -- a line a graph approaches closer and... Read More »

How to Graph in Elementary Algebra?

Elementary algebra is a basic study of the elements that make up algebraic study. The general algebra formula, such as 1 + X = 3, allows students to learn how to solve algebraic problems and come u... Read More »

How to Use a Graph to Solve an Equation in Algebra?

Graphing turns equations into pictures. Often it is easier to discover properties of equations by looking at a picture of them than by looking at the equation that was graphed. For some problems, t... Read More »