How to Graph Math Problems?

Answer Any algebraic equation can be represented by a line on a graph. Depending on the variables, the line can be straight or curved. Equations that create straight lines are called "linear" equations, a... Read More »

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How to Use a Graph Calculator for Activities in Math?

Using calculators in class can help foster a healthy visual education experience for students. As mathematics progresses and becomes more difficult, use of a graphing calculator becomes even more i... Read More »

How to Graph Basic Math Functions?

Math functions are used in many aspects of our lives. From business to news centers, math functions are used to represent economic trends, prices rising and falling and many more situations. Being ... Read More »

How to Create a Circle Graph in Math?

Circle graphs are used to display data that is best analyzed using the part-to-whole comparison. Thus, it is best to create fractions before constructing the circle graph. Each fraction of the circ... Read More »

How do I graph problems on an HP 50g?

Press the "Left Shift" key on the alpha numeric keypad and then press the "F4" function key. Move the cursor (using the arrow keys) to the "EQ" menu selection and then press the "EDIT" menu label. ... Read More »