How to Graph Inequalities With a Calculator?

Answer Designed as an equation, inequalities use greater than or less than signs to help users solve the problem. Like all equations, inequalities may be solved, but inequalities can have more than one an... Read More »

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How to Graph Inequalities With Two Variables on a Calculator?

Inequalities with two variables -- "x and y" -- are just like algebraic equations with two variables, except that they indicate one side is "less than or greater to" -- instead of "equal to" -- the... Read More »

How to Graph Linear Inequalities on a Graphing Calculator?

Solving linear inequalities involves finding the area of the number line or graph that has a boundary line associated with it. Linear inequalities use inequality symbols, that is, "less than" and "... Read More »

How to Graph Inequalities?

If you're studying algebra and you've been asked to graph inequalities, this article can help. You can graph inequalities on either a number line or in the coordinate plane (with x and y axis) – ... Read More »

How to Graph Linear Inequalities When X=0?

In your algebra classes, you will often have to graph linear inequalities, or expressions that take the form ax+by. When graphing linear inequalities, you should treat them as linear equations, ide... Read More »