How to Graph Greater Than & Equal to on a Number Line?

Answer In mathematics, a number line is a visual representation that allows you to plot numbers and inequalities. A number is denoted with a point plotted on the number line. Extending that number via a l... Read More »

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How to Graph Y>11 on a Number Line?

Mapping an inequality on a number line aids in its understanding. A number line is a simple math tool that consists of a single horizontal line, partitioned into equal sections by small vertical li... Read More »

How to Graph Fractions on a Number Line?

Number lines are visual aids that make it easier to compare groups of numbers. Most number lines resemble rulers, in that they are horizontal lines divided by evenly-spaced markers labeled with who... Read More »

How to Graph Solutions on a Number Line?

The purpose of graphing solutions on a number line in algebra is to demonstrate visually the range of values that a variable can take in the equation. The number line extends from negative infinity... Read More »

How to Graph Sets on a Number Line?

Whether it is for introductory algebra or advanced algebra classes, graphing data sets on a number line is an essential skill to ensure success in math. A data set is list of one or more numbers t... Read More »