How to Graph Exponential Functions on a Calculator?

Answer Graphing exponential functions on a calculator lets you obtain paper-free solutions for complex engineering, mathematics and science problems without having to go through tedious calculations. With... Read More »

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How Do I Graph Trigonomic Functions Using My Calculator?

In precalculus, you will frequently have to make graphs of trigonometric functions involving sine, cosine, tangent, secant, cosecant, and cotangent functions. Fortunately, your graphing calculator ... Read More »

How to Graph Inverse Functions on a Calculator?

The inverse of a function is defined, or drawn, by reflecting the graph of a function about the line y=x. While you need to know how to draw such a graph, also use your graphing calculator to ensur... Read More »

How to Inverse Exponential Functions?

Exponential functions involve raising a number to the power of a variable: y = 2^x is an exponential function. It means that, for any given x, y is 2, multiplied by itself x times. When x is a po... Read More »

How to Recognize an Exponential Relationship in a Graph?

Sequences of numerical growth can take a variety of forms. Growth can be arithmetic, where a number increases by a set amount at every interval of growth. For example, where y increases by two for ... Read More »