How to Graph Calculus Functions on a TI 83?

Answer Most simple mathematical functions can be solved with a basic calculator that performs functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Calculus functions can be computed and ... Read More »

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How to Graph 3-D Equations for Calculus?

Graphing 3-D equations for calculus is easy if you use an online 3-D graphing calculator. With the 3-D calculator you just enter the 3-D equation (as a function of x and y), click the graph button,... Read More »

How to Graph Functions in Economics?

Economics uses extensive graphing to give a visual understanding of many economic concepts. Graphing economic functions is similar to graphing mathematical functions. The steps are essentially the ... Read More »

How to Graph Functions With Software?

A function is a mathematical term where an input to an equation (in other words, an X-value) produced a single output (a Y-value). Functions are used in algebra, calculus and a variety of other mat... Read More »

How to Graph Pre-Algebra Functions?

A strong understanding of functions is critically important to comprehend mathematics in general. In pre-algebra, which is normally taught during the middle school years, students are introduced to... Read More »