How to Graph Basic Math Functions?

Answer Math functions are used in many aspects of our lives. From business to news centers, math functions are used to represent economic trends, prices rising and falling and many more situations. Being ... Read More »

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How to Graph Functions in Economics?

Economics uses extensive graphing to give a visual understanding of many economic concepts. Graphing economic functions is similar to graphing mathematical functions. The steps are essentially the ... Read More »

How to Graph Pre-Algebra Functions?

A strong understanding of functions is critically important to comprehend mathematics in general. In pre-algebra, which is normally taught during the middle school years, students are introduced to... Read More »

How to Graph Polynomial Functions?

In your Algebra 2 class, you'll learn how to graph polynomial functions of the form f(x) = x^2 + 5. The f(x), meaning function based on the variable x, is another way of saying y, as in the x-y coo... Read More »

How to Graph Functions With Software?

A function is a mathematical term where an input to an equation (in other words, an X-value) produced a single output (a Y-value). Functions are used in algebra, calculus and a variety of other mat... Read More »