How to Graduate from Fanfiction to Normal Fiction?

Answer If you want to write something that has true publishing potential, you cannot use somebody else's copyrighted characters. Most fanfiction stories can easily be original if the names were simply swi... Read More »

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How to Write Original Fiction After Being a Fanfiction Writer?

If you have spent time writing fanfiction, it may seem hard to pull away from writing variations of another person's work and begin to write your own original stories. This article will help you.

Is historical fiction the same thing as realistic fiction?

No, because realistic fiction is something that is like a mirror to reality which as, the historical fiction uses the past to make it basedon that genre.

How to Teach About Connections With Fiction & Non-Fiction?

An effective study of literature establishes connections between the text, the reader and the reader's world. To connect with a text is to actively and critically engage with it to enhance comprehe... Read More »

How to Submit a Fanfiction to Fanfiction.Net?

So you've written a fanfiction and want to publish it? is a popular website to publish your fan fiction story on. Read on to learn how to do this.