How to Gradually Change Your Style?

Answer It's fun to change your style over night, but there aren't many who really decide to do so. Perhaps they don't have the money, are afraid the might loose their friends or just don't feel like it fo... Read More »

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What hair style should I change to Do I need to change (pic included)?

awww! Gahh. you are so cute! DONT cut your hair pleasee! I think you shud grow it a little longer, your bangs anyway not your hair, dont make it too long, but get your angs underneather your eye... Read More »

My pc has slowed down gradually. possible causes?

All pcs slow down gradually for many reasons. One, because newer software inevitably runs slower on older systems. Two, because the hard drive, the swap file, the MFT, and basically windows itsel... Read More »

How to Tan Gradually in a Tanning Bed?

Because it can take three to five hours for your skin pigment to change, you may be on your way to a sunburn before you even realize your skin is tanning. A tanning bed can give you more control ov... Read More »

How to Gradually Wear Less Makeup?

Quitting a makeup regime cold-turkey can leave women feeling rather naked. Prevent the feeling of going from fab to drab, by gradually making the change. Accustoming yourself to your new minimalist... Read More »