How to Grab More Giggles and Go?

Answer Laughter is the no cost, no effort, super simple, fabulously fun, overnight solution to happier, healthier, better living. American scientific and medical journals have cited the medical and psycho... Read More »

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What does it mean when a baby giggles in their sleep?

Findings from the University of the Sacred Heart, in Japan, as well as the Primate Research Institute of Kyoto University in 2004 showed that newborn babies laugh and giggle in their sleep because ... Read More »

We are naming a Preschool - Do you like - Giggles to Grads or Little Thinkers best?

Those both are great names. However, a big factor will be the over all look of the logo. Play around with both and see what best has the perfect look/feel to it. Hope that helps!

How to Install a Grab Bar?

Grab bars are specially manufactured to hold at least 250 lbs. when properly secured. Towel bars and other light-duty bars are not strong enough. Grab bars provide extra security in the bathtub for... Read More »

How to Screen Grab on a Mac?

This article will teach you how to screen grab on a mac! Using windows the screengrab function is more clearer but reading after this you'll be ready to screen grab everything on a mac!