How to Goof off Without Getting in Trouble at Work?

Answer (Office Job ONLY) Did you ever want to goof off at work but don't do it because you're too afraid of getting caught? Have you ever gotten a "talk" or even FIRED by your supervisor because he or she... Read More »

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How to Goof off at Work?

People are lazy. It’s in our nature. We may like to think we’re not, but we all are. Oh sure, some of us are lazier than others, but most of us would rather do nothing than something. Do you ev... Read More »

How to Goof off when the Boss Is Away?

If you have an unfulfilling office job, it might be tricky to keep yourself motivated when the boss is away. Not to worry though, a few simple tricks can make a couple of hours work look as if it t... Read More »

How to Goof off and Do Absolutely Nothing in School?

Have you ever just came to school and decided that you don't want to do anything? Is today just not your day? Do you have a penchant for surfing websites with the news or Wikipedia or even wikiHow?... Read More »

You think I could get in trouble at work for playing on here?

Keep to lunch, breaks, and after work you should be fine. But you better check with human resource to be sure.