How to Go to the Beach at a Certain Time?

Answer Usually the warmest states of America like Texas , California and New Mexico are the beaches to just relax and keep your heart rate up so read now to find out how to go to the beach

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If a contract to rent a beach house in VA Beach is signed in Maryland can suit for false advertising be brought in Maryland even if the property management co is located in VA Beach?

If the property management company or the realtor handling the rental arrangements have a physical place of business in the state of Maryland, the suit can be brought in Maryland. If not, it must b... Read More »

How to Have a Wonderful Time at the La Jolla Cove Beach?

Tucked between picturesque cliffs and considered as one of the most photographed beaches in San Diego, La Jolla Cove offers magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean and is an immensely popular destin... Read More »

I'd like to lose 6 lbs by the time beach weather hits; any tips?

Yowzah! There's gonna be pup tents all over the beach when you get there!! Just swap out the ice cream for diet cool whip for a couple of weeks and that oughta do her. Don't forget to post your iti... Read More »

Tomorrow will be the third day of my time of the month and my parents are making me go to the beach.Whatdo Ido?

um wear a tamponand if you 'cant', just tell your mom that your on your period. shell understand and you wont have to go