How to Go to a Higher Place Through Jesus?

Answer This will tell you how to get the things you want and deserve, and feel "high on life" and better than you ever have before.

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Why are there mines in the christian place where jesus was baptized this place is now in israel or jordan?

It is in Jordan........and the site is open for Christians pilgrimages.....The previous Pop himself had visited The site on the East bank of the river ,Jordan side, a few years ago......

How to Get to a Higher Place Without the Need for Religion?

Religion is not the only way to get to a higher place (or feel good about oneself). Drugs (illegal and not) are frequently not the answer either. Here are some ways to improve yourself spiritually.

Where do the higher mental functions take place in the brain?

The cerebrum is also known as the cortex, and is the largest section of the human brain, associated with higher mental functions such as thought and the ability to make decisions. The cortex is div... Read More »

Is there a higher risk of internal bleedings when staying on high altitude in the mountains when place lets count is below 30.000 child aged 7 years old?