How to Go to Sleep when You're Afraid Something Is Under the Bed?

Answer Maybe you, your child, or someone you know has a problem with believing things are under their bed when they go to sleep. Well, here is a good way to be relieved of that fear.

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Can you take a cough drop if youre taking benadryl at night to go to sleep?

Go for it.............. cough drops are harmless. It's the NYQUIL liquid stuff ya have to watch the alcohol content if you're mixing it with other medications. I also have wicked allergies, ... Read More »

What do you when your upset about something and can't sleep?

I have developed insomnia,and because I am grieving. Sometimes I sleep for hours, some days,like today,I went to be at 2 am, got up,by 6:30. here I am! it is 8:30,and I am on YA!I take a tad of Ny-... Read More »

I have always loved sleep. i can sleep through my alarm, ect. Is there something wrong?

Oversleeping is as unhealthy as under-sleeping. At the risk of sounding "shrinkish," sleep is sometimes used as a defense mechanism or to escape from unhappiness or something unpleasant. You mentio... Read More »

My left breast hurts I'm afraid it could be something serious please help!?

If you'r embarrassed to talk to your parents, then talk to your school nurse right away. You need to talk to a health service provider as soon as possible.