How to Go to School With a Better Attitude?

Answer Make this you in the morningBeing happier and more sociable is not just a social thing, it's a mental thing. If you're happier and pay more attention during school, you'll start to do better on tes... Read More »

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How to Stop Having a Bad Attitude Towards Other Students at School?

Okay, you're tired of being a bully and having a bad attitude, you already lost many friends for being bad to people and now you want to be a nicer person? Well, this will help you.

How to Start Middle School With a Good Attitude?

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How to Have an Attitude?

Are you too shy? Do people walk all over you? Maybe you need to have a little attitude to show people what's what. Here's how.

How to Have a Zen Attitude?

Zen is a form of meditation with a focus on the mindful awareness of the present moment. In common lexicon, the phrase "being zen" or "having a zen attitude" has come to mean viewing life calmly wi... Read More »