How to Go to College With Low ACT & SAT Scores?

Answer The national average scores for the Scholastic Aptitute Test and the American College Test are higher than average, with the SAT's average score at 1500 and the ACT between 20 and 21. Though not al... Read More »

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How to Send ACT Scores to a College?

The ACT test is a standardized test utilized by colleges to determine admission and placement. As a student prepares for a college education, taking the ACT test completes an important step toward ... Read More »

How to Send My SAT Scores to a College After I've Taken It?

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is a standardized test to assess math, reading and writing skills and is a requirement for most students applying to a university or college in the U.S. To be con... Read More »

College Scholarships Based on ACT & SAT Scores?

Many scholarships are available based on SAT or ACT scores. The SAT and ACT are standardized tests used by colleges and universities to determine prospective students' admission to the school and t... Read More »

What are minimum passing scores for standardized test scores in North Carolina?

The raw score received is the number of questions answered correctly. The Achievement Level shows the level of performance; there are typically four levels. Level Three of the achievement level is ... Read More »