How to Go on a Treasure Hunt in RuneScape?

Answer Have you ever wanted treasure? To fill your inventory with gems and gold? To be a big fancy millionaire? This is just the guide for you! (Everyone else thinks its for them but its for you)

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How to Have a Treasure Hunt in RuneScape's Wilderness?

Ever wanted to scrutinize the wilderness on a heart-beating quest for some small amounts of gold?

How to Make a Treasure Hunt?

A treasure hunt is a great activity for birthday parties, holidays etc. It involves making clues that lead to other clues that eventually lead to treasure!

How to Design a Treasure Hunt?

Design your own treasure hunt as a fun party game for children or adults. Treasure hunts can tie into just about any party theme, not just pirates. A puppy-themed party might send guests searching ... Read More »

Treasure Hunt Activities for School?

Plan a treasure hunt at school and watch the students light up with excitement. Treasure hunts work well with any age group, increasing the difficulty of the hunt or clues for older children. The h... Read More »